What is a Logo ? Why do you need one ?

What is a Logo ? Why do you need one ?

What is a Logo ? Why do you need one ? More so , why does your product need one? Here is another question though , in my opinion a more important one-what is your product? In the context above , i would emphasize on ” your”, for now.  A pro dust can be anything, absolutely anything, a leaf, a burger, a storm, a car, a company, a war, a baby…. All things on Earth, we can call a product,something that came out of the combination of yet other things, and thus it was created , or came into this world, by the power vested in Nature to unite with or without a reason.

Is Love itself a product ? I think it is a maker , the master One, and a product -together. Anything is made by it and Is it at the same time . Not only the result of knitting together the fabric of most intimate feelings between two or more people. It is a fact that the forces we understand , but mostly don’t , never stopping , never tiring, drew the picture we called the world around us, and us ,as people too. I do not know if we are the children of it, but i know for sure that we are made to do the same thing it does- we create , all day , all the time … Unfortunately we call our product only a few things, and only because we have to ..

But, in the spirit of a creator, ask anybody that came forward with a so called “real product’ : was Love behind the creative process? .. Wait out their initial reaction, and you will get a “yes’, i guarantee… Any “no” will be a lie. It is a YES every time ! So, secondly , after we know what put it together, what ingredients did you use?

Knownig the ingredients , you really know the product..

Knowing what it took , does it deserve to have a name, a face ? Yes it does. Its another form of a being , and it needs to be recognised, more like – it wants to … It should be able to say : Hey , its me , I’m glad to be here !

Every big or small city has this one street, where “anything sells”. No logo , no cover , sometimes  not even a description . It just sells , because it is a necessity .

But when you have a Real pro dust on the hand, give it a name , give it a face, a signature, give it a greeting. It dent have to be big, complicated,or anything like that. It just has to be true !

So have someone get behind the scene , to understand where it came from .To make its introduction easy and memorable . In all cases it has to be true, real , here from this world. And just like the offspring of proud parents , it should bring a tiny smile on anyone that sets its eye on it . That’s the Logo!

Sometimes this someone can be a big and famous advertising firm . I personally would prefer a person to do that for me. Firms have it too complicated, too serious, too result oriented. I would not want my creation to have the face of the market sign, i want it to be as natural, as the product itself. Because nothing is not natural, it all is .

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