Need4Brand is an independent design and digital studio doing good work for nice people since 2016.

We work with people and organisations from big brands to one man bands, creating work with a strong focus on craftsmanship and collaboration.

We believe the working world is evolving and we’re early adopters of the smart + small model which means our team gets bigger and smaller depending on each individual project we work on. This means you get the best bespoke team for your particular needs and we can create a working environment that makes everyone happy and productive.

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We are an independent, award-winning design studio specialising in projects for Sports, Health and The Arts.

From well-known brands and high street names to artisans and one-man bands, our aim is simple: do good work for nice people.

What customers say about us

Testimonial by James Thompson,
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James Thompson,
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Testimonial by Amanda Johnson,
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Amanda Johnson,
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Testimonial by Jennifer Green,
Sed nec blandit elit. Etiam sit amet erat in purus efficitur congue. Maecenas molestie, justo ac scelerisque feugiat, lectus neque dignissim ligula, eget consectetur elit massa ac ante. Nam vel justo mauris. Nullam nibh nibh, pellentesque vel lectus eget.
Jennifer Green,
justo fermentum
Testimonial by William Evans,
Maecenas felis orci, malesuada vel velit in, iaculis fringilla mauris. Sed neque elit, ornare non efficitur at, gravida et lacus. Quisque vel sollicitudin nisi. Mauris dapibus eget augue vel eleifend. Nunc mattis urna sed massa placerat aliquam. Ut ultrices tristique enim id porta.
William Evans,
egestas nulla velit
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Boulevard Vitosha 156,

office 3, floor 3.

Sofia 1506, Bulgaria

Phone: 0888543676

E-mail: Contact mail